Screen Printing

Screen Printing is what we know and love. Check out whats possible below and get in touch with our Team to get your order started

How Does it Work?

Screen Printing involves creating a stencil, known as a screen, and then using that screen to apply ink on the printing surface. Each individual color is applied using a different screen, one at a time, combined to achieve the final look. The more colors a design has, the more screens that are needed, and the more setup time required.

Designs and Number of Ink Colours

When it comes to screen printing, we have minimum order quantities. This is because there is a lot of steps in setting up a screen printed order. You can find out below what the minimum order quantity is based on the number of colours in your logo or design.

The ink colour(s) and size of the design must be the same for all items in the order.

1 Colour

1 Colour Design

Minimum Order Quantity: 24

A design that does not consist of more than 1 colour, whether its text or a logo/design.

3 Colours

2 or More Colours

Minimum Order Quantities:

2 Colours - Order of 48+
3 Colours - Order of 72+
4 Colours - Order of 96+
5 Colours - Order of 144+
6 to 7 Colours - Order of 250+
Full Colour

Full Colour / Photographic

Minimum Order Quantity: 250

If you have a multicolour design or design that contains photographic elements chat to our team who can advise on if it will be suitable as a screen print.

Prices & Setup Charges

Below is our table of pricing for screen printing. It is based on the order quantity and the number of colours in the design.

Quantity 1 Colour 2 Colours 3 Colours 4 Colours 5 Colours 6 Colours
24 to 48 units €4.30
Up to 72 units €3.45 €3.80
Up to 96 units €2.80 €3.20 €3.50
Up to 144 units €1.95 €2.40 €2.85 €3.30
Up to 250 units €1.50 €1.85 €2.20 €2.80 €3.05
Up to 360 units €1.35 €1.70 €1.95 €2.40 €2.80 €3.15
Up to 500 units €1.20 €1.60 €1.85 €2.10 €2.50 €2.95
Up to 1000 units €1.00 €1.15 €1.35 €1.60 €1.95 €2.30
2500+ units €0.75 €1.05 €1.15 €1.40 €1.50 €1.70

What is a white base?

When a design is printed onto a colour other than white (or very light colours) – we need to print a white base first, followed by the design. The white base looks basically like a full imprint of your design, except in white. Each colour in your design is then printed on top of this. The reason we print a base first is so that the colours in the design appear correctly. If they were printed directly without a white base underneath, it could change the colour value or have a small bit of fabric showing through.

White base is charged as an additional colour

For example, if you have a logo with 2 colours being printed onto a black t-shirt, it will be priced as a 3 colour print (2 colours + white base).

Screen Setups and Repeat Orders

There is a setup charge applied for each colour, and each print position. For example, if you have a 2 colour design left breast and a 3 colour design on the back, we will need to setup 5 screens.

New Screen Setup: €24 per screen

Repeat Order Setup: €12.50 per screen