Heat Sealed Transfers

We use a range of high end transfer materials to transform your ideas and designs to print. Check out the details below and get in touch with our team

Transfer Tshirt Printing

We use only high-end transfer materials from Siser to ensure the best possible finish on all our transfer orders.

This type of process is ideal for small to medium quantity orders and most designs/logos. Whether its a single colour design or full colour photograph, we can provide a solution to suit any type of project.

Full Colour Transfer


This is ideal for full colour images and photographs. The design is printed onto and cut from a superior high quality transfer material, and then heat sealed onto the item.

€4.60 per small print (under 150mm) €8.60 per large print (Including VAT)

Single Colour Transfer

Single Colour Tshirt Transfer

Designs are cut from pre-coloured rolls of high quality transfer material, we stock a large range of standard colours and metallics (gold, rose gold and reflective silver).

€4.30 per small print (100mm) €6.15 per large print (300mm) €3.10 per set of initials €4.90 per small name €8.60 per large name €1.85 per digit small squad numbers €4.30 per digit large squad numbers (Prices including VAT)