Our Services

Visual Print specialise in custom printing and embroidery for garments and we also offer printed promotional products, cards, flyers, banners and signs. Not sure which option you need? Contact our Sales Team who will be happy to take a look and give you the best option.

Screen Printing

We live and breath screen printing and its one of the main services we offer. A screen print is one of the most durable methods of printing available and is available for designs from 1 up to 7 colours.

Suitable for:

Designs that have from 1 colour (order of 24+) up to 7 colours (order of 350+).

Or for full colour if the order is over 350 units.


Embroidery is the other of our main services and we specialise in large scale runs. An embroidered logo can really help to make your company stand out and putting in repeat orders couldn’t be simpler.

Things to keep in mind:

Logos / designs with text – there is a minimum letter height of 5mm for lower case and 10mm for upper case.

Transfer Prints

We have several types of transfer print available and the latest equipment for cutting and application. All the materials we use are high end to last as long as possible.

Suitable for:

Full colour or single designs can be catered for with one of our transfer processes.


Dye Sublimation is the best quality garment print available. Heat converts the ink into a gas and it is sublimated into the fabric of the garment giving a crisp, clean, full colour print that will never crack or peel.

Things to keep in mind:

This process only works on white, 100% polyester garments.

Dye Sublimation
Custom Promotional Items

Here you’ll find great ideas for corporate or novelty gifts customised with your logo or design, from pens to umbrellas, mugs to mouse mats.

Available for:

Full colour or single colour customisation.


We love paper just as much as textiles! You can order from our full range of digitally printed materials including business cards, flyers, roll up banners and signs.

Whats Available?

Cards, flyers, brochures, banners, signs, tickets and custom branded stationary.

Digital Printing