Garment Printing

1 colour to full colour printing on garments

Whether it's a set of jerseys to get a sponsor print, a funny t-shirt for a birthday, or hundreds of merch hoodies - we offer custom printing onto garments which we can supply or you can also drop in with your own garments.
High Volume Orders

Screen Printing

Minimum 50 items

Suitable for t-shirts, hoodies, vests, single layer jackets, polo shirts, tea towels or tote bags. We can screen print up to 6 ink colours per design, minimum order for 1 colour starts at 50 items.

Full Colour & Low Volume Orders

DTF Transfer Printing

No Minimum Order

Suitable for almost any item from tees, hoodies and vests to baseball caps and backpacks. Our brand new DTF process uses high durability inks with excellent quality, detail and stretchability.

With screen printing, each ink colour will have its own screen through which a machine will apply the ink onto the garment. Its a highly durable and vibrant process, however because of the work involved in setting up each print run, there are high minimum order quantities and a limitation on the number of ink colours in the design. This process is ideal for high volume orders and with our machine we can run up to 600 x 1 colour prints per hour.

DTF printing is a process in which a full-color image is printed onto a special heat-resistant transfer film and the design is then transferred to the garment using a heat press and adhesive. This printing method offers superior print quality and durability. It provides a durable and cost-effective solution for producing full-color prints and is popular for printing logos, slogans and other text or small designs on T-shirts, hoodies and other apparel.

How do I place an order?

Prices for Screen Printing

With screen printing, the cost depends on (1) the quantity and (2) the number of colours in the design.

Because we require a screen for each colour in the design, there is a setup charge of €25 per screen. E.g. you have a 2 colour design, your order's setup cost is €50.

The prices below include VAT at 23%

Prices for DTF Printing

With DTF printing, it can be 1 colour or full colour. The pricing will depend on the size of the print and the quantity.

There is no minimum order quantity or setup cost for DTF printing.

The prices below include VAT at 23%

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