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Date your order is required

Our lead time – starting from order confirmation – is typically 5 to 7 working days. However we can usually accommodate shorter times if needed. This is important to know at the time of quotation.

Depending on what is exactly involved in your order, it could take 1 to 2 days to get everything confirmed, from the stock to the final design and layouts. We always recommend allowing a couple of extra days where possible.

Order Quantity

The quantity per order is a big factor in pricing, so please included an estimate of this to ensure you get the best value.

Here is a brief overview of the minimum order quantities for each of our processes:

  • Screen Printing:  24+ items
  • Transfer Printing: minimum order value of €30
  • DTG (Direct to Garment): 12+ items
  • Embroidery: 8+ items


You can either bring in your own items for branding, or you can order them from us to be customized. If you are supplying your own stock for items like bags, hats or other accessories please check first with our Sales Team to ensure they are suitable for custom branding.