We have over 30 years experiencce screen printing onto clothing and textiles and have recently fitted out a warehouse that is dedicated entirely to our new carousel printer (one of the largest available). Screen Printing provides a long lasting and high quality reproduction of your design or logo onto almost any type of clothing/textile.

How many ink colours can be printed?

6 Colours per design position

For full colour production, you will need to send a copy of your design to our team and we can advise you on the best method of production (applies to order quantites over 50 items)

For full colour print on 100% cotton t-shirts, check out our DTG printing service.

For full colour print on other garments, check out our DFC printing service.

Is there a minimum order quantity for screen printing?

20 items or more (with the same design)

Our minimum quantity for a print run is 20 items or more. We can facilitate lower quantities however there would be a setup charge of €60 and a restriction to no more than 2 colours. For smaller quantities, you can also check out:

DTG Printing on 100% cotton t-shirts

DFC Printing on all other type of garments


What type of artwork files do we need?

Designs/Logos need to be supplied in vector format

If you have worked with a graphic designer they will be able to supply you with this format. You may already have your artwork in this format (such as a PDF or EPS file). You can email us with your file and we will check it for you. If you need your artwork converted we can do this fo €45 + VAT and we will send you the converted files so you can use them for any other printing services in the future.


How does screen printing work?

Preparing the ArtworkCreating the ScreenApplying the PrintCuring the Ink

Our graphic designer will open your artwork in Adobe Illustrator software and separate each of the colours into different layers (this is also why we require vector artwork). Each layer (colour) is printed onto a clear film. For example, a design with 3 colours will have 3 films printed out.

A mesh screen is then coated with emulsion and the film for each colour is secured to a screen. The screen and film are placed in our exposure unit which exposes just the design away from the emulsion on the screen. The screen is then secured to our carousel machine.

We have a full size, large production automatic carousel printer. With this machine, each screen (1 for each colour) is secured to one of the plates on the carousel. The carousel features 12 bases and 12 plates. The bases automatically spin around and stop under the plate(s) for a few seconds where one plate applies a colour to the t-shirt, and another plate will have a spot heater that will heat seal the ink. Our carousel can print up to 6 colours per a design and is operated by two to three technicians.

As the t-shirts are printed one of our technicians pulls the t-shirt off the base and places it on a conveyer that brings the t-shirt through a large heater to completely seal the print. The t-shirts are collected at the other end of the heater and folded and packed into boxes.


Our pricing is determined by the number of colours in each design being placed on the garment and the quantity of that design. For example, if you are getting 100 t-shirts with a 2 colour chest print and a 1 colour back print, each chest print will cost €2.60 and each back print will cost €2.30.
For each print run there is a setup charge, which is €15.00 per colour and per position. Following the same example of a 2 colour front and 1 colour back, the setup charge in that instance would be €45.00.


Quantity 1 Colour 2 Colours 3 Colours 4 Colours 5 Colours 6 Colours
20 to 30 €3.50 €3.90 €4.70 €5.40 €5.50 €5.95
Up to 50 €2.80 €3.10 €3.90 €4.30 €4.90 €5.30
Up to 100 €2.30 €2.60 €2.90 €3.10 €3.40 €4.60
Up to 150 €1.60 €1.95 €2.30 €2.70 €3.10 €3.70
Up to 250 €1.20 €1.50 €1.80 €2.30 €2.50 €2.80
Up to 500 €1.00 €1.30 €1.50 €1.70 €2.05  €2.40
Up to 1000 80c 95c €1.10 €1.30 €1.60 €1.90
Up to 5000 60c 85c 95c €1.15 €1.20 €1.40

Prices above are per print position on each item. Prices are for printing only and do not include the cost of clothing. Prices subject to VAT at 23%. Minimum order quantity is 20 items or more.